Having operating in the ready-made clothing sector since 2000, Turanlar Textile began to prepare and produce denim collection for women with "by Zerga" brand in 2004.

While Turanlar Textile prepared denim collections during the first years, a brand new collection that can be worn by women at every area of their lives was created, giving birth to Nice Istanbul brand.

Nice Istanbul

Having started its journey with this purpose, Nice Istanbul brand aims at giving excitement to the lives of Nice Istanbul women:

who enjoy a quality life, who look for the joy of convenience of design, chicness and comfort at every area of the life, who has a passion for fashion, who have high level of quality and design expectations, who can adapt to the trends, who can adapt to city's dynamism by having a personality avoiding the cliches with a free spirit.

Nice Istanbul, which contains
• Denim,
• Woven,
• Knitted and
• Tricot product groups that can be combined for any place and time, presents a rich collection that can be worn by all women during their daily lives, business lives and when they have fun.

ITS Denim

In the following years, ITS Denim brand was created and the production was started in parallel with the developing market and increasing demand within the body of Turanlar Textile. Thanks to ITS Denim brand, Turanlar Textile achieved a position that can respond daily to the current and future demands in higher quantities from its strategic partners in denim segment for men and women, with increased capacity for collection preparation and production.

Global vision

We believe that working with various markets enriches our collection. Moreover, existing in various markets will keep our production dynamic. That is why we continuously work to reach new markets in addition to the markets for which we already offer services.


Turanlar Textile places great importance on R&D works and makes investments, as the brands under its roof continuously work to prepare new collections by focusing on design.

Turanlar Textile operates with a large design staff
who works with passion,
who follows the trends closely,
and who continuously improves itself.

In addition to their skills and creative power, our design team closely follows the sector and analyzes the latest trends in the fashion world to synthesize them with the characteristics of our brands to give life to the collections that suit our brands' spirit.


Turanlar Textile has an indoor production area of 2000 sqm. All state of the art technologies are used with a capacity of 120.000 pieces per month.

The main production processes of textile, such as Cutting,
Quality Control and Packaging stages are completely carried out within its body.

The production team stays loyal to the spirit of the prepared collections and combines the craftsmanship and the modern production techniques and adopts a production philosophy that combines the technological developments in the sector with the qualified work force. Turanlar Textile shows the best efforts to ensure the produced products comply with the standards and cause no danger to human health. Moreover, ensuring that the employees work under healthy and safe conditions with peace, is its principle with highest priority.